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"We support Yến Huỳnh for Olympia City Council, Position 2 

and we hope that you do too!"


Elected and Appointed Officials  




Mark Foutch, Former Olympia Mayor

Kim-Khánh Văn, Renton City Councilmember

Carolyn Cox, Lacey City Councilmember

Charlie Schneider, Tumwater City Councilmember

Debbie Sullivan, Tumwater City Councilmember


Leatta Dahlhoff, Tumwater City Councilmember

Michael Althauser, Tumwater City Councilmember

Maria Flores, Olympia School Board Vice President

Rad Cunningham, Olympia Planning Commissioner












Thurston County Queer Democrats









Thurston County Community Members

Ainslie Nguyen, Student

Alana Carr, Small Business Owner

Alexandra Fisher, High School Counselor

Alyssa Bleckwehl, Small Business Employee

Amal Joury, Attorney

Amanda Moore, Public Servant

Amy Elizabeth Shephard, Small Business Manager

Anita Roth, Elementary School Principal

Anna Stusser, Caregiver, Disability & Older Adults Advocate

Anne Larsen, Small Business Chief Operating Officer

Anuilagi Nguyen, Veteran

Ashley Jackson, Public Servant

Beth Kober, Banker, Arts Advocate

Bobby Williams, Executive Director of The Bridge Music Project

Brian Fullerton, Public Servant

Chad Carpenter, Arts Administrator

Coral Alexis, Higher Ed Administrator, Arts Advocate

Cristina Rodríguez, Food Justice Advocate 

Dave Perreira, Secondary Education Facilitator

Danielle Ruse, Small Business Owner

Diana Tran, Student

Dinh Jackson, Financial Institution Branch Manager

Domenica Clark, Public Servant

Dontae Payne, Veteran, Public Servant

Elizabeth Punsalan, Pharmacy Technician

Heather Chambers, Small Business Owner, Barista

Ivana Trottman, Higher Ed Administrator

Jessica Tourousian, Doula

Joe Nilsson, Labor Advocate

Katie Savinski, Teacher, Union Leader

Kiara Moses, Public Servant

Leila Zheng, Engineer, Sustainability Advocate

Lien Nhan, Chef

Lilia Gómez, Public Servant

Loan Tran, Small Business Owner 

Mara Machulsky, Tribal Lobbyist

María Sigüenza, Public Servant

Mark Bennett, Photographer

Mary Baskerville, Veteran

Matthew Roth, Public Servant

Michele Burton, Photographer

Mike Leonard

Mishen Turla, Small Business Manager, Performer 

Nicholas van Kirk, Volunteer Firefighter, Veteran, Student

Nikaya Quach, Esthetician

Patrick Stickney, Attorney

Phát Huỳnh, Small Business Manager

Rad Cunningham

Rex Brown, Public Servant

Rob Richards, Veteran

Robert Jackson, Residential Foreman

Rosalinda Turk, Scientist

Ross Boylan, Public Servant

Sara Kate Develle, Public Servant

Sarah Reuben, Student

Simon Calcavecchia, Author, Disability Awareness Advocate, Motivational Speaker

Stacey Cho, Small Business Owner

Thea Byrd, Legislative Aide

Thomas Nhan, Small Business Manager

Tình Huỳnh, Small Business Owner

Walt Bowen


Additional Community Members

Aaron Reuben, Banker

Aaron Sherman, Communications Director

Amber Rosewood, Small Business Owner

Alyssa Shaw, Victim Advocate

Ashley Jackson, Public Servant

Cassandra Fogel, Accountant

Christopher Jackson, Mental Health Counselor

Cody Lonning, Law Professor

Corey Dahl, Consumer Protections

Elisa Young, Attorney

Graciela Nuñez Pargas, Legislative Staffer

 Jaren Walker, Program Manager

Jefferey Vu, Avionics Engineer

John Barry, Public Servant

Kaitie Dong, Youth Community Organizer

Linsi Bowers, Social Service Specialist

Maddy Vonhoff, Regional Organizing Manager

MaryKylie Cranford, Communications Specialist

Michelle Auster, Non-profit Development

Paúl Quinoñez Figueroa, Labor Advocate

Rachel Dean, Public Servant

Sam McVeety, Data Engineer

Sarah Fazio, Artist

Taneum Fotheringill, Civics Education Advocate

Terry Taylor, Small Business Owner

Tyler Mesman, Finance Associate

Yvette Maganya, Immigrant Rights Activist


Endorsement Statements

"I believe Yen is an exceptional person who sees the best and potential in Olympia I believe she will do right by the place I have called home for many years." -Michelle Auster

"I have gotten to know Yen over the past couple years and her incredibly caring personality jumps out. Knowing that those values are what drives Yen when working on policy for the city of Olympia is something that the city should be very proud of." -Derek Richards, President of the Young Democrats of WA

"We definitely need young, women-of-color to have voices on our city council. Yen has my full support!"    -Sara Kate Develle

"Yen will be a compassionate and unwavering advocate for affordable housing in Olympia. That combined with her professional background in business development and her professional and lived experience with equity issues make her the ideal candidate for the city of Olympia right now." -Rad Cunningham

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