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My Priorities


"I see a future where Olympia has thriving small businesses and transformative art, in a diverse community that is accessible and welcoming for all to enjoy."


While there is not one magic formula to solving these large issues, I do have an eagerness to dive into addressing these priorities through an open mind and creative approaches.

  • Public health and safety

    • Collaborate regionally towards the COVID-19 pandemic recovery.
    • Follow through with a community-led process to reimagine public safety. 
    • Seek more pathways to reduce homelessness. 
    • Strengthen police accountability.
    • Expand emergency preparedness. 
    • Include first responders and a diverse representation of community members in the decision-making processes. 
    • Come together to understand how all members of our community want to be kept safe and ensure that the most appropriately trained people are responding to calls for service.
  • Economic recovery and sustainability as growth occurs

    • Support our City’s small business owners and workforce to achieve longterm economic recovery that improves people’s well-being and reduces inequities.
    • Leverage City resources and move quickly on opportunities to invest in workforce development, child care, and the arts as economic drivers.
    • Expand the supply of affordable housing.
    • Increase home ownership opportunities.
    • Support options to allow residents to age in place.
    • Focus development efforts in urban areas to increase access to core services and reduce sprawl.
  • Climate justice

    • Collaborate regionally to move towards our goal of substantially reducing emissions. 
    • Address disproportional impacts on our community’s most vulnerable.
    • Protect our natural resources.
    • Increase energy efficiency.
    • Improve multi-modal transportation.
    • Ensure that all members of our community are thoughtfully included.


I will address these issues by

  • Leading with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

I will work to propose solutions that prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). There are so many opportunities to lead with DEI to ensure that all voices are heard and included in decision making processes and to truly build equity in all policies. We must keep engaging and learning more about our limitations and biases. It is only through a sustained and deliberate effort that we will ever see forward movement on issues so deeply entrenched in our society.

  • Supporting Our Small Businesses

Olympia’s small businesses are part of what makes our city delightfully unique. They are a source of employment for many, enjoyment and convenience for residents, and they help keep money circulating in the community. Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and we must support them through the course of this pandemic.

  • Strengthening Our Arts and Cultures

I am interested in working with our many arts organizations and local artists to explore how art can be more extensively used to bring us together, advance social justice, help heal our community, and achieve creative solutions to community challenges.

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